Ways to Naturally Help Lower HIgh Blood Pressure

High blood pressure affects over 1 billion people worldwide and 1 out of every 3 people in the United States. And high blood pressure that is left uncontrolled for a long period of time can lead to an increased risk of heart disease & stroke. While some individuals may need the assistance of prescribed medication to help keep their blood pressure in check there are also many natural ways in which you can help to lower your blood pressure.

Physical activity & Exercise – Exercise is one of the best ways to help lower blood pressure and keep it under control. From walking to biking, swimming, hiking, and more, there are many forms of exercise and physical activity you can do to help promote healthy blood pressure. And regular physical exercise is great for your mental health too!

Lower Alcohol Intake – I know most of us enjoy drinking a glass of wine, beer, or other adult beverages in social situations and also to relax and unwind. But too much alcohol or even regular consumption can help lead to higher blood pressure. Aim for one drink a day for women and two for men. As with anything in life, moderation is key to obtaining balance.

Managing Stress – Stress is one of the #1 causes of high blood pressure and can also have detrimental effects on other aspects of your health too. It is really important that you find a way to help manage stress. From working out to listening to music or making time for your favorite hobby, managing your stress load can do wonders for your blood pressure.

Quit Smoking – While we all know smoking is bad for your health for many reasons one study has found that there is a link between tobacco use and high blood pressure. And the chemicals in tobacco also damage blood vessels and can even just temporarily increase blood pressure. Not to mention that smoking actually increases the risk of heart disease too!

Shed those Extra Pounds – Being overweight can help greatly to increase your blood pressure. Not only do added pounds put stress on your body including your heart & blood vessels but it has also been found that by shedding even just 5% of body fat you help to lower your blood pressure immensely.

It is always best to consult with your physician or healthcare professional before trying any natural remedies. However, working on your health to improve blood pressure and lower your risk of chronic diseases is always a great way to start. Not only will your body and organs appreciate the change but you will be surprised at how much better you feel too!

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