Creating Your Ideal Outdoor Living Space

Creating an outdoor living space not only brings with it increased curb appeal to your home or business property it also can greatly benefit your overall physical & mental health & well-being. In fact, a study that was done showed that the majority of people spend their time indoors. Yet many studies have shown the very valuable benefits that being outdoors can have on your overall health.  Working with a certified arborist or a professional landscape company to help create your ideal outdoor living space is also very beneficial. Blue Star Irrigation & Landscape, Prescott landscape design professionals,  gave us a little more insight on how to go about deciding the best space for you as well as the many proven health benefits.

Protection Against Chronic Diseases 

Spending time outdoors has proven to help lower your risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes & obesity. Breathing in the fresh air and engaging in an array of outdoor activities can help to maintain stress levels, mental health & physical health. Proper tree care & maintenance within your space can also help to limit sun exposure yet still allow you to enjoy the outdoors & absorb some Vitamin D. 

Lower Blood Pressure

There is just something about nature & the sound of birds & wildlife that help to ease tension and aid in relaxation. Fresh air & a cool breeze or warmth of the sun can help to soothe & relax you when you need it most. Finding your zen outdoors within your personalized outdoor living space can greatly help to keep you at your calmest which can help to lower blood pressure. Engaging in outdoor physical activities can help with weight, cholesterol, and thus blood pressure as well. 

Boost Your Immune Health

Believe it or not many trees outdoors produce phytoncides, a chemical that is produced to help protect the tree against insects. It has been found that the human body can use these phytoncides to increase the NK white blood cell count within your body. These white blood cells are responsible for fighting viral infection & tumor-causing cells in the body. Having a strong immune system is always one of the best things you can do for your health

Improve Your Mood

Getting outdoors and into nature can greatly help to improve your mood. Fresh air, sunshine, exercise creates endorphins and the relaxation associated with an outdoor living space can help to improve mood & fight feelings of depression. So when they say to “take time to stop & smell the flowers” they really mean it. It just might be what you need to improve your mood & help brighten your day. 

Blue Star Landscaping experts completely understand the benefits of being around nature and incorporating the right foliage.  Working with a professional landscaping service to help incorporate the right plants into your living space as well as keeping them healthy & maintained is essential. Working with landscaping experts can help to ensure the best quality of life for your plants and your time in your outdoor living space.

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