Being diagnosed with cancer can take quite a toll on the person and the minds of the people around you. It could affect a family’s calmness and the direction of life, leading many of them to a new and unexplored area to make things better. It is one inexplicable situation with multiple concerns and treatment procedures, causing mental health also to decline. People need to be careful when they are diagnosed with the disease. Make sure you take the necessary measures to stay healthy during your chemotherapy. As you may know, it is one of the hardest stages in cancer treatment to get through. The mere thought of chemotherapy can frighten you. Making it less intimidating wouldn’t be easy, but you can surely help yourself be stronger at such times. Here are a few tips to help you during chemotherapy.

1. Set Up a Strong Support Network

The thing you need the most in such situations is the right people around you. Unless there aren’t enough friends and family members to support you, life can become miserable after a certain point. Having a support network will help you battle this disease faster than you expected. All health specialists advise patients to have good people with them for emotional support. A designated driver to take you home after each session can also help. Individuals who can understand your behavior and tantrums should be by your side during chemotherapy.

2. Take the Necessary Medications

Consult your oncologist for the medications you are taking, and ask if it is safe to take supplements and vitamins. You might need them, but make sure to consult your doctor before taking them every day. You may also have to take a different medication during chemotherapy; your doctor can prescribe you the right dosage and medication for each stage of the treatment.


3. Keep Yourself Hydrated on the Adjacent Days

Drink up to eight glasses of water the day before and the day after chemotherapy. You can also take non-caffeinated non-alcoholic beverages so that your body is prepared for the dehydrating effects of treatment. By hydrating yourself the next day, the excess chemo meds will be flushed out of your body.

4. Carry Things that Keep You Engaged

Most treatment centers allow the patients to carry items that keep them busy on the day of chemotherapy. You can take light snacks and lunch if you want to and complement it with some mindful sessions using books or other entertaining materials. An e-reader, needlework, or electronic devices can be brought if you like to do any activities related to them.

5. Wear Clothes that Make Your Comfortable

Loose-fitting clothes and layers have to be worn so that it would be easier for you when going to the bathroom. Also, clothes that give easy access to your veins for implanting small devices will help the doctor get done with the procedure sooner.

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